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Chinese Translation Service

We specialise in technical, commercial, and academic translation, English to Chinese (Simplified or Traditional Chinese) and vice versa. With Dalriada Books Translation service, you can be sure that your Chinese Simplified/Traditional translation will be:

* Punctual and on time.
* Precise and accurate
* written in an idiomatic manner 
The translation service includes formatting text using Microsoft word into basic commercial or academic report format.  
All translations are proofread by a second translator which is part of our quality assurance procedures.

Format: We can supply work on printed hard copy, or electronically in Text, Ms Word,  HTML or PDF format by email. 

Delivery: Delivery of work by email or first class post is included in the price. For delivery by other means or time frame, we will charge additional fees. 

Turnaround Time 

Standard service - 2 working days for up to 3000-word document. 
24 Hours service - at a surcharge of 100% of translation price. 
Price: £8 per 100 words + VAT

Contact us or leave a comment below for more information.