Quotations of Zhuangzi

1. He of the line of Thâi would sleep tranquilly, and awake in contented simplicity. He would consider himself now (merely) as a horse, and now (merely) as an ox. His knowledge was real and untroubled by doubts; and his virtue was very true.

泰氏,其卧徐徐,其觉于于;一以己为马,一以己为牛;其知情信,其德甚真,而未始入于非人。 根据南怀瑾,“泰氏就是太初。”也就是原始人,野人。那他怎么说“而未始入于非人”?古人认为,时代不是进步的,而是退化的,一代不如一代,人的异化使得人丧失了自己而成为“非人。”

2. It is the beauty of the skins of the tiger and leopard which makes men hunt them; the agility of the monkey, or the sagacity of the dog that catches the yak, which make men lead them in strings.

3. However many hens there be, if there be not the cock among them, how should they lay real eggs?

4. (The people of) neighbouring states might be able to descry one another; the voices of their cocks and dogs might be heard (all the way) from one to the other; they might not die till they were old; and yet all their life they would have no communication together. 鸡犬之声相闻,老死不相往来。

5. Abolish sageness and cast away knowledge, and the world will be brought to a state of great order.

6. Kî Khêh laughed quietly and said, 'Your words, my master, as a description of the right course for a Tî or King, were like the threatening movement of its arms by a mantis which would thereby stop the advance of a carriage;--inadequate to accomplish your object. 螳臂挡车

7. The sage finds his dwelling like the quail (without any choice of its own), and is fed like the fledgling; he is like the bird which passes on (through the air), and leaves no trace (of its flight). When good order prevails in the world, he shares in the general prosperity. When there is no such order, he cultivates his virtue, and seeks to be unoccupied.

8. He who knows his stupidity is not very stupid; he who knows that he is under a delusion is not greatly deluded.

9. The husband precedes, and the wife follows. 夫唱妇随。

10. The wise do not speak and those who do speak are not wise.

11. Wolves and tigers are benevolent.

12. It was like silencing an echo by his shouting, or running a race with his shadow.

13. He who likes to praise men to their face will also like to speak ill of them behind their back.

14. Of all great cities there is none so great as the whole kingdom, which was possessed by Yâo and Shun, while their descendants (now) have not so much territory as would admit an awl. Book XXIX, Robber Kih, 无立锥之地, have not so much territory as would admit an awl.

15. The purest carries himself as if he were soiled; the most virtuous seems to feel himself defective.

16. Take the days away and there will be no year; without what is internal there will be nothing external.

17. Men's life between heaven and earth is like a white colt's passing a crevice, and suddenly disappearing. 白驹过隙。

18. Moreover, the intercourse of superior men is tasteless as water, while that of mean men is sweet as new wine. 君子之交淡如水。