Elibrary in UK

Electronic books (known as ebooks) can be downloaded from the electronic library service (elibrary) to a home computer or mobile device, and then transferred to a range of devices such as a Sony eReader. In some libraries, you can bring Wi Fi enabled device into the library and therefore download whilst on the premises.

You can keep the Ebook for up to three weeks, after this period the loan will expire and the books will be automatically returned to the online stock for others to use. Because this happens automatically, there are no charges and no late fees.

Elibrary service is free. But you have to live, work, or study within the boundaries of the district where the local library privides this service. It is necessary to subscribe, regardless of library membership. You need to update your subscription every year since this service is available only for 1 year. The UK publishing industry is anxious about the risk of digital books being copied illegally. Publishers are therefore demanding tighter geographical restrictions on how libraries register subscribers to this ebook service.

UK Elibraries offer types of Ebooks: epub and PDF, epub format are surported by ebook readers such as Barnes & Noble NOOK™, Kobo™, Literati™, Pandigital® Novel, Sony® Reader, and mobile devices such as Android™ & Apple® devices, epub is incompatible with Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader.