Johann Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg is credited with being the first European to use movable type printing, his full

Johannes Gutenberg

name is Johannes zur Laden zum Gutenberg. This name is so long that some people mistakes it as two persons. In Tony Robinson's Kings and Queens, page 49, he wrote: "At the time of the Wars of the Roses, a Dutchman called John Geinsfleish was cutting out letters in the bark of a tree when it occurred to him that he could dip the cutouts in ink and make an impression of the letters on a piece of paper. Some years later in Germany, Johannes Gutenberg took this brilliant inspiration a step further by fixing metal letters to wooden blocks to make moveable type - and printing was invented!"

Here he regards John Geinsfleish and Johannes Gutenberg are two different persons. Gutenberg took Geinsfleish's "brilliant inspiration" a step further to invent printing.